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Our Approach

At Greene Economics, we believe that when the environment is included in economic decision-making by governments, businesses, nonprofits, and private individuals, we can create a world where our natural resources are being used optimally, damages are avoided, there are zero carbon emissions, environmental disasters are mitigated, and the needs of people and communities are prioritized equitably. 

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Our approach to environmental economics is unique


We are solution oriented. We focus on identifying practical, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of our clients and the communities where they operate. 


Our goal is to empower our clients to continue to meet stewardship goals while maintaining their financial goals. 


We specialize in designing user-friendly decision-making tools using language everyone can understand. 


Our team is highly experienced in outreach and facilitation, which allows us to use focus groups, workshops, public meetings, and digital outreach to gather inputs and share findings.

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Problems we solve 

We focus on helping organizations make smart decisions in the face of uncertainty. We specialize in uncovering the economic tradeoffs between environmental protections and costs to communities, jobs, and development. We work with clients to ensure that national and international compliance standards and reporting requirements are met.


Our thoughtful and comprehensive approach helps organizations make smart benefit-cost decisions by bringing together a range of variables to quantify the economic value of environmental quality changes, such as:


  • Forecasting and uncertainty for climate change

  • Estimating the value of ecosystem services including habitat, air quality, water rights, recreation, and cultural and traditional values

  • Addressing future demographics and local economies considering social dynamics, climate justice, community values, and the distributional effects of decisions by identifying winners and losers

Who we serve

We work with clients who want to improve environmental stewardship while maintaining robust economies and achieving the best environmental quality at the lowest cost. Whether initiating a new development project, drafting rules for a new policy, or adapting to a changing climate, the key is to understand the tradeoffs and develop strategies to get the most from limited resources. And we develop these solutions for people and the planet with attention to issues of equity. Our goal is to identify all the economic benefits and costs of alternative choices. This involves recognizing and quantifying the risks and opportunities of the current real and future potential impacts of an ever-changing natural and social world.

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