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Our Story

For the partners of Greene Economics, the decision to venture out and start a new firm of their own was a natural evolution of working together as a team over many years. It all started in the late 1990s when Jeri Sawyer joined Northwest Economics Associates, a small Pacific Northwest-based consultancy. When Gretchen Greene joined later that same year, Jeri found a new co-worker and a life-long friend who shared her passion for leaving the world a better place. Fast forward to 2005, Gretchen was tasked to hire a new team member with similar values, and Rabia joined the firm. Over the next 13 years, the three followed each other to various larger environmental consulting firms within the Pacific Northwest. In 2018, they decided they were ready to make the leap to go into business for themselves, and by summer they had created Greene Economics! They are reminded daily that they made a good choice, and are cheered to see that the oracle from Omaha agrees with the overall firm strategy:

“I learned to go into business only with people whom I like, trust, and admire."

― Warren Buffet

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