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Bea Covington is the Director of Greene Economics Sustainability and ESG services.  Trained in GRI and TCFD certification and compliance methodologies, she focuses on working with clients to address sustainability, climate mitigation, and climate resiliency analysis and planning projects. 

Bea has worked with communities and local governments in the Pacific Northwest, California, Alaska, in watersheds along the Mississippi River Basin and the US Gulf of Mexico as well as in North and West Africa and Central Asia. 

She holds master’s degrees in Food & Resource Economics and Adult Education and Communication, both from the University of Florida. 


1522 148th PL SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012

Areas of focus

  • sustainability Planning 

  • climate Risk & Impact Assessment 

  • certification, Reporting, and Compliance with International Regulatory Standards (TCFD, GRI, ESG, MDG,) 

  • workforce and community economic development 

  • benefit Cost Analysis

  • strategic Planning  

  • program and Project Design and Evaluation

  • risk Communication

  • participatory Community Engagement 

  • policy and Regulatory Economics

  • facilitation 

  • equity and Gender Inclusion

  • conflict management 

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